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It has come to my attention that the business community in Uganda and around the world considers their businesses or companies having online presence to be either wastage of time, money or considered to be for the rich companies only!
Studies have been carried out around the world, showing that most businesses are convinced that websites do not benefit their type of business. Other business owners believe that having a website exposes their company secrets to the competitors hence will lead to their down fall.
Internet experts believe that if businesses do not deal with their fears and anxieties, they are likely to be left behind in this competitive world.

I have come up with my 10 unique reason why your business needs online presence:-

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01. Low Advertising and Marketing costs: Did you know the one time cost of designing a website and annual fees you spend on renewals (domain & hosting), website maintenance is just a smallest fraction on the cost you spend a year on printing out brochures, billboards, flyers and many others? And yet with you having a website, whatever is printed out or shown in adverts can be in the website and you?re guaranteed of wide market coverage.

02. 24/7 business operations: With online presence, your company or organization is open for business to anyone, anywhere around the world for all 24hrs a day, 12months a year. Imagine finding an order or Inquiry about your products waiting for you to just click reply and business transactions start on another or different level. So with a website that has a form, email, and order online function will obviously prompt a client to leave a message or call you later.

03. Communication and Customer care at its best: Imagine just sitting behind your computer and click on the send button?.and in just seconds you have notified all your existing and prospective clients about your new products, promotions, achievements in quickest move possible.
Imagine you providing answers through website (FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions) to those constantly boring questions that you have had over and over again about your business. Do you think this would be possible with poster letters?

04. A complement in branding: Did you know that having a nicely designed website can strengthen your corporate image and improve your branding? That is why hiring a professional website designer or company is very essential. Because you want to emphasize the branding then usability, easy access, friendly look of website is so important. I will give the basics of nicely designed website next time.

05. Your online presence adds confidence, trust, belief and hope into your clients. This shows how your business is a step ahead of the others and how your products are easily understood. I have noticed that customers always want to purchase a product or service they have understood. No one wants to buy something is ignorant about! Do you? Top

06. Increased business relationships: Research has proved that enhanced marketing and management in business relationships bring big sales to companies. This is characterized by an exchange between two or more parties. In simple terms your website could contain information related to other businesses your clients might show interest for.

07. New consumer generations: even though the majority of the companies do not make vendor selections based on Google or yahoo searches, you cannot rule out the possibility that an employee of the company might make some initial searches on the internet to research information and find potential vendors. It makes sense to put a quality website in place for them.

08. Survey (Market research): You want to know how your products or services are fairing on the market? Well, website can just do that with help of tools like opinion polls, survey, statistical tools and many more out there.

09. Contact information ? With website, your contact details are accessed by a click away. This makes it easy to be located by anyone, anywhere which actually is the hardest thing in business (reaching you).

Well you still need more? I guess you need to know this;
?No business owner should feel it's too late to join the digital revolution. Put simply, there are now solutions designed with them in mind. In today's difficult economic climate, every enterprise, small businesses should have their door open to the Web? Top

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