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 skype for business

Microsoft had a lot to share about the consumer version of Skype on the first day of Build 2016 - such as its integration with Cortana and the Bot Framework - which would allow users to get the most out of the messaging platform without leaving conversations. Today, the company's focus was shifted to its business users, who will be treated to updated SDKs that support great integration opportunities.

At last year's Build conference, Microsoft launched the Skype for Business and Skype Web SDKs to open up the platform to new ideas and implementations. Now, the company has announced updates to these kits which will facilitate direct integration of Skype calls in various applications.

The Skype Web SDK, with the help of JavaScript APIs and HTML controls can be used to provide Skype and Skype for Business integration in web applications, while the Skype for Business SDK serves a similar purpose in mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Microsoft has published new samples for the Skype Web SDK and has updated the documentation on its Office Dev GitHub as well. Interested developers can get their hands dirty with the latest and greatest version of the Skype Development Platform by following the guides on MSDN.


Source: Neowin