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embedding twitter


Embedding external content in to websites has become so common these days. This is a great idea in such away that information can be got from a secure platform and embedded into your website without necessarily using copy and paste.

Today I will show you the necessary steps you can take to embed or insert a twitter post/ tweet into your website (WordPress, joomla, Drupal).



Step one

Open your twitter account and head to the post that you would like to embed or insert into your website.


embedding twitter

Step two

On the top right of the tweet you wish to embed click on the dropdown icon .


embedding twitter


Step three


After clicking on the drop down , now you can select embed tweet to get the embed code


embedding twitter Step four


After clicking on embed tweet, this will redirect you to the publish.twitter platform where you will be able to copy the embed code and also customize the code further.

Once you are there you can copy the embed code and paste it into your clipboard.


embedding twitter


Step five

Once you have copied the code you can now paste it into any area, widget position, module, post or page of your website. (For this tutorial we shall be using WordPress Post)


embedding twitter


Step six

Your can now reload your website and then the tweet will be directly inserted into your website.


embedding twitter