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Xbox One Gamers Can Now Play 'World Of Tanks'Wargaming's World of Tanks has just landed on the Xbox One and it supports cross-platform play with Xbox 360 consoles.

The 15-on-15 tank carnage hit Xbox One on Tuesday. The game is free to play for Xbox Live Gold members. Basic Live subscribers are limited to a seven-day trial.

The game's cross-platform support extends to its voice chat and Live registration. Gamers can log into their accounts on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360 and can also yell encouragement at one another across the two consoles.

All of your "hard-earned vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium time on your existing Xbox Live account will be carried over," said Microsoft.

In World of Tanks, which launched on PC back in 2011, players get to drive some of history's most iconic armored fighting vehicles and they get to blow stuff up in a variety of game modes.

The Xbox One version of the game is prettied up to take advantage of the additional power the console offers. Its physics engine has been updated to add to the complexity of its damage system.

Also new in the Xbox One version of World of Tanks, there's a proving ground that gives rookie tank drivers the time and low-stress space needed to get good.

The situation at the Proving Grounds is meant to mimic three of the game's multiplayer modes. Each of the scenarios will include friendly AI to encourage the type of teamwork needed to win multiplayer matches.

"The last scenario is special because it's a boss fight! An enemy E-100 must be eliminated," said Microsoft, "And it's up to you and your AI allies to break through the AI defenders and confront this tier X menace!"

World of Tanks for Xbox One is live now and it is worth a try: