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Nintendo has pushed back the anticipated release of Metroid: Other M from June 27 to August 31. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, a sequel to a 2000 N64 game, has also been delayed from early June to late June.

Both are hotly anticipated releases for the Wii. Metroid: Other M is a refresh on the heralded shooter series that promises to bring back the classic feel of the Metroid games of yore.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is the sequel to Sin & Punishment, a Japanese Nintendo 64 game that lived in relative obscurity overseas until it was ported to the US Wii Virtual Console in 2007. That pumped a lot of fresh blood into the game - so much so that Nintendo decided to create a brand new installment under the Sin & Punishment name. 

Unfortunately, though, gamers will now have to wait - until June 27 for Star Successor and August 31 for Other M.

While Nintendo fanatics may be saddened by the news, they will have something else to be excited about: Nintendo will be offering an upcoming DSiWare game, Photo Dojo, for free for the first month after it is released. Photo Dojo will allow users to capture a handful of photographs of themselves, which will transplant them into the game.

The game will be released to the DSi Shop on May 10, and it will be a free download through June 11. After that, it will cost 200 Nintendo Points ($2).