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Ever try to catch some rays while “working from home,” but can’t because your WiFi doesn’t reach your backyard? So. Annoying. With the Bounce WiFi Extender, your problems are solved, and you don’t even have to be tech savvy.

The Bounce is simple. Just place the egg-shaped device on top of your home’s router, point it in the direction that requires extra coverage and boom! Like a technological genius, you’ve just increased your coverage area three times over.

Read More Weak WiFi worries are over. Before you know it you can be sipping a Mai Tai, streaming music or movies, or sending out those last minute e-mails all from your backyard, or any other far-reaching corner of your secret lair.


Product Specifications

  • Increase your home network's range with Bounce
  • No more weak spots - get strong signal everywhere
  • Intended for 802.11 a/b/g routers
  • Routers must have external antennas
  • Installs in seconds
  • Comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty

Lenovo who has a heart to help out this particular group of consumers – with the latest release, the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e. Lenovo says that “we know from experience that students are our toughest customers – literally – and for that reason we make it a point to go above and beyond our standard ruggedness features in the laptops we introduce for education.” Let us see how far they have gone with this particular promise right after the jump.

Built specially for students using technologies which enhance classroom learning alongside a rugged design that is meant to meet the physical demands of the average school day and beyond, the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e will come in two choices where processor options are concerned – the Intel Core or the Celeron processors, where they are also accompanied by AMD E-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) to deliver strong performance, Dolby Advanced Audio for rich and resonant sound so that your ears will also benefit from the experience, vibrant HD graphics and USB 3.0 connectivity – useful when it comes to transferring data in the blink of an eye. Read More

Teachers, too, will fall in love with the Lenovo ThinkPad X131e simply because it also comes with a wireless activity LED indicator on its cover. This makes it easy for teachers to help identify those students who are connected to a Wi-Fi network in the classroom, checking out their Facebook account instead of working on that assignment. I can think of a few ways to circumvent this though, so while it is a nice thought, it might not work as intended due to the ingenuity of our youth these days.

Among the heavy duty features that can withstand the rigors of a student’s life include reinforced hinges, stainless steel hinge brackets, a tightly aligned keyboard, a dustless fan, a strengthened AC adapter cable, an enhanced HDD shock performance among others. It is rather affordable when you think about it – price start from $499 upwards.

LG Cinema Screen Design monitors

LG has introduced two new IPS monitors that feature Cinema Screen Design and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity. The two displays are part of LG’s IPS7 series that will debut first in Korea and China before making an international debut.

LG has expanded its monitor line-up with two new models. Both screens have a Full HD resolution and a similar design. The difference between the two is the screen diagonal; one is a 23-inch monitor, while the other has a 27-inch panel. The new creations are only 141 mm thick and have a virtually invisible bezel, which has a thickness of only 1.2 mm. This is definitely a welcome addition for multi-monitor configurations.

The two monitors have the IPS7 name, and are not surprisingly based on one of LG's own panels. LG has specified a response time of 5 ms.

Read More While it's unclear how many video inputs the new monitors will have, the HDMI connector will offer support to Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) see image below, which allows a smartphone to be attached to the screens.


Sony once again revamps the old school name "Walkman" with stylish, eye catching and elegant digital devices that is Walkman F800 and Walkman E470 running on Android's new OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that gives you full access to Google Play and Sony's Music Unlimited.
Sony's move is to give competition to Apple's Ipod and smart phones with small storage space and small battery life.

With F800

Comes with sharp corners and slim profile, there's no mistaking that the F800 is anything but a Sony device. Indeed, it inherits many of its design elements from the former Sony Ericsson Walkman phones and the company's current drop of Android Xperia devices.

It has 3.5-inch display that help in onscreen music buttons or the standard Android touch controls (Back, Home, and Menu). The display will show album art and the interface will be easily accessible to anyone who's used an Android device before.

Read More


The F800 will support a full slate of audio and video codecs including MP3, WMA, HE-AAC, PCM, MPEG4, AVC (H.264), WMV, and even FLAC. The latter format (it stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec) is especially welcome since it compresses audio without any loss in quality.
The F800 also delivers an S-Master Digital Amplifier, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and it comes with a pair of MDR-EX0300E earbuds.

With battery life of 20 hours of audio playback and 4.5 hours for video, sony walkman F800 will cost you between USD 260 to USD 300 depending on the memory size.

The E470

The E470 is aimed at a more cost-conscious market. At just under a quarter of an inch thick (7 millimeters) the E470 is the slimmest Walkman player.

The E470 also runs on Android with player's controls below the display. The arrangement looks spacious and comfortable with the intersecting circles bringing back memories of Sony Ericsson phones from last decade.

The player comes with "fun" features such as karaoke mode, synchronized lyrics, and a selection of preinstalled games like Tetris and Sudoku. As mentioned, the E470 is affordable at $79 for the 4GB version, $89 for the 8GB model, and $109 for the top-of-the-line 16GB device.

sceptre 3D Tv

Superior manufacturers of world class LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays SCEPTRE, unveiled the affordable option for quality 3D home entertainment, a 46-inch LED HDTV featuring polarized passive 3D glasses, SRS TruSurround HD Sound and elegant piano black finish.

Sceptre’s newest 3D HDTV takes entertainment to another dimension by incorporating the latest 3D technology to display eye-popping images at a 1920×1080 and 1080P resolution and heart-pumping surround sound capabilities.  In addition, the 46-inch LED HDTV makes connecting to external devices such as cameras, computers and Blu-ray players simple and easy with 5 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and a VGA port.

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According to Vice President of Operations Cathy Chou, the new 3D HDTV provides the same high quality experience as more costly units at a fraction of the price.  In addition, we’ve made it easy for the whole family to enjoy by including three passive 3D and one passive clip-on glasses.

With the adoption of theater quality polarized passive 3D glasses, Sceptre provides long term cost efficiency when compared to other 3D technologies, since passive glasses do not require batteries or receivers.  In addition, passive 3D glasses produce a full-color image that is considerably more comfortable to watch, eliminating headaches and eye fatigue often associated with active glasses.

The colossal 46-inch 3D HDTV comes with 4 polarized glasses and is currently available for $999.99.