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Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the Chinese brand's most audacious phone yet. It has an in-display fingerprint scanner, four cameras, can wirelessly charge other phones and more.

In typical Huawei fashion, there are multiple colors available including a trippy twilight and lovely, dark forest green ,each of which comes with a contrasting power button to add even more visual flair.

For those owning an iPhone, party or beach experience has gotten even much better now with some memories to carry home and pinned on wall of fame due to a unique and sleek new Instant Print Camera.

Lifeprint Products unveiled its its new Instant Print Camera for iPhone, the printer case that actually attaches to an iPhone and turns it into an instant printing, photo-making marvel, available exclusively at Apple Stores.  Lifeprint's Instant Print Camera's unique blend of digital and analog technology is a welcome blend of retro printing tech and new digital imaging technology.

A university in Canada has developed a tablet with a flexible screen that can rolled up. It can be rolled to display a larger screen (7.5” touch screen) and rolled back into a phone(although the size is a little too big). You can be able to scroll to infinitely through on social media

Stay Smart and stylish with the Runway Access Smartwatch from Michael Kors (MK) at only $350.
A smartwatch that maintains your sense of style while keeping you on health track with a buzz of social media connections all on your wrist.

A Michael Kors’ evolution of wearable technology, the Runway smartwatch offers a new highly personalized experience with heart-rate tracking, swimproof functionality, payment methods, untethered GPS and more

Equipped for your every need, the Runway smartwatch features new digital dial designs that connect to and visually show your heart rate, making it easy to measure and track.

Wireless charging technology is one way of getting your device juiced without having to hunt around for a charging cord. Apple is one of the technology companies that have phones that use wireless charging technology.