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According to Engadgets ............the evergreen revolution has arrived, right on schedule and with the promised DirectX 11 and Eyefinity in tow. AMD's new flagship graphics part, formerly known under the Cypress codename, is built on a 40nm process, sports an appropriately inflated 850MHz engine clock speed, 1600 stream processors, 153.6GBps memory bandwidth, over two billion transistors, and the freshly minted HD 5870 moniker. There'll be a HD 5850 as well, which makes do with a 725MHz core clock, 1440 stream processors and slightly slower (or is it just less fast?) GDDR5 memory as well, but only the headline device has been made available to reviewers, so let's see what they thought.
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HardOCP whipped out their special Gold Award for the ocassion, noting that it "doubles performance, yet remains within the same power envelope." The Tech Report crew agreed wholeheartedly, commending the "admirably low" power draw, noise levels and GPU temperatures. In fact, a pretty universal consensus shows that the new card spanks everything else out there in terms of performance, and makes a very compelling value proposition -- a significant feat for a card that's aimed at the usually less price-conscious enthusiast market.

SGI today showcased  it's new Octane III, the company's newly announced personal supercomputer for high-performance computing (HPC) in office environments, and CloudRack C2.

SGI Showcased its supercomputer at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2009 from September 22 - 24 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


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Octane III — SGI's new personal supercomputer that combines the power and performance capabilities of a high-performance deskside cluster with the portability and usability of a workstation. Octane III permits up to 80 high-performance cores and nearly 1TB of memory for unparalleled performance, yet is whisper-quiet for the workplace. Octane III also offers advanced NVIDIA graphics and GP-GPU capabilities, is pre-configured for immediate ease-of-use right out of the box, and is powerful enough for some of the most complex HPC applications in the world.

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iPod Video projector

There are all kinds of ways to share the music that’s being played on your iPod.  You can get nice expensive speakers or even cheap portable ones to let the world listen in on your favorite music.  Well if you’re going to share the music on your iPod, you might as well share the videos too.  No one wants to crowd around a small screen, so instead you could pick up this video projector.  Which will work with not only the iPod but various other gadgets as well.

Read More The projector will work with your iPod, the iPhone or any other device with composite outputs.  Plus the projector could easily slip into your pocket, since it’s only about the size of a candy bar.  It has a ½-watt internal speaker or you can plug in a set of headphones directly into the projector’s headphone jack.  It produces 480×320 resolution with a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a 3:2 aspect ratio.  The rechargeable battery will let you view for 2 hours of continuous play if you leave it to charge for 3 hours.  In order to charge it, you can plug it into your computer or into the wall with the included AC adapter.  You can purchase the projector for $379.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

source: Coolest Gadgets

MSI Global
MSI Global introduced the X-Slim series 14" ultra thin notebook family introduces a new member, the X-Slim X410 notebook computer with AMD's 2nd Generation Ultrathin Platform that supports 1080i high resolution and provides outstanding display quality. With AMD's PowerNow! ™ technology, it is even more eco-friendly with reduced battery consumption and lower voltage requirements. It also lasts longer, with over twice the battery life of traditional 14" notebooks. The X410 design stays consistent with the X-Slim series’ beauty and ultra-thin design with a thickness of merely an inch and 1.5 kg weight with battery. With an attractive price and full set of features, the X410 is a stunning and fashionable ultra-thin notebook.

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Exclusive Eco Technology, Tastefully Green & Environmentally Conscious
The X410 comes loaded with the AMD's 2nd Generation Ultrathin Platform. Low heat and low power consumption characteristics allow for major reductions in the notebook's bulk. Consuming only 15 W, the processor consumes 40% of the power of common notebook processors. And, with AMD's PowerNow! technology, the system is able to run different applications based on their specific power requirements by automatically adjusting CPU speed and voltage. This results in extended battery life, lowered heat, and a quieter operating environment. When matched with MSI's exclusive ECO technology, users have the freedom to choose from 5 different power management modes: Gaming, Cinema, Presentation, Document, and Turbo Battery.

These modes adjust power settings for specific tasks to extend battery power even longer. Proven in tests, the X410's battery efficiency is over twice that of traditional 14" notebook batteries, making it the greenest and most environmentally conscious ultra-thin expression of metro style.

The X410 uses the ATI Radeon ® X1250 graphic card, capable of producing outstanding image quality. Matched with a 16:9 aspect ratio LED backlit display, you can enjoy the 220 cd/m2 brightness that provides vivid and distinct image display. Internal HDMI video and audio terminals provide 5 GB of image transfer bandwidth. When paired with an external Blu-Ray disc player, you can experience life-like and crisp cinema images on a large screen television.

The ultra-thin X410 is fitted with built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi ® WLAN and Bluetooth wireless connectivity functions, giving you the opportunity to cut all the ties with your wired lifestyle and enjoy the convenience of wireless Internet. The X410 also comes with a complete entertainment applications interface, including a card reader (supports SD/MMC) that lets you effortlessly transfer digital information to your notebook--giving you the chance to keep up with the different aspects of your digital lifestyle.

MSI has ingeniously incorporated a feeling of metro style into the lines and curves of the X410. Along with an external coating that features an especially brilliant finish, personalized color choices for the frame bring the distinctive qualities of the X-Slim X410 to a new level. When matched with the dazzling 'golden ratio' display, it exudes a simple yet sophisticated vibe. Let us all go green guys.


gyration air mouseAlmost a year to the day after the outfit introduced its air-lovin' Gyration Air Mouse, the Air Mouse Elite is stepping in to take its rightful place atop the range.

As with the prior iteration, this one also responds to natural hand movements and enables presenters (or FPS players) to get far, far away from the mousepad. Put simply, the built-in motion sensors enable it to receive commands via "slight wrist movements performed in the air," and it can do so up to 100 feet away from the PC that it's wirelessly attached to.

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The 3.3-ounce device also ships with a suite of tools for customizing gestures, and if the $99.99 critter just isn't enough, you can spring for a $149.99 bundle that throws in a low-profile wireless keyboard.

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