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Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, This week added two 12 mega-pixel point and shoots to its digital camera lineup for 2010 - the durable SL605 and the waterproof AQ100.
Thanks to their elements focused design, the AQ100 and the SL605 grant peace of mind and allow users to focus on taking the perfect shot, rather than worrying about damage to the camera. The AQ100 and the SL605 will be on display during PMA 2010, February 21-23, in the Samsung booth, #2227, in the Anaheim Convention Center.  Read More
“Memories can happen at any given moment and in any environment,” said Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “Further diversifying and expanding the range of digital imaging solutions available from Samsung, consumers can rely on these durable compacts to perform in the most challenging of environments as they’re both built to last and feature packed for the highest-quality results.”

Offering extraordinary capabilities, the slim (0. . .78” thick) AQ100 was developed for use in up to 10 feet of water and thanks to the camera’s exceptional low-light performance, it’s capable of taking bright images at that depth. Whether taking photos of friends and family in the pool or a school of fish while snorkeling in the ocean, users will benefit from the AQ100’s dedicated Aqua mode, which will optimize camera settings for the best possible underwater photos.

A powerful camera on land or in water, the AQ100 boasts an ample, 5x optical inner zoom lens complete with Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce blurry images. Additionally, the AQ100 features a bright, 2.7 inch TFT-LCD screen for framing and reviewing images.

In addition to taking beautiful still images, consumers can also record impressive 720p HD video above or below the water. The AQ100 offers image stabilization while recording video and for complete simplicity, it has Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology which fine tunes both video and picture settings for the best possible results. All the users have to do is point and shoot.

Lenovo announced it's new ThinkCentre A63 desktop, an essential desk side companion for small-to-medium businesses (SMB). The new desktop combines powerful productivity features such as Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 for blazing fast boot-up time and choices for the latest AMD Sempron™ processors, AMD Athlon™ II processors and AMD Phenom™ II processors, all at an affordable price tag starting at $329.

“We know that PCs are the technology backbone for SMBs to run their businesses,” said Dilip Bhatia, executive director, ThinkCentre Marketing, Lenovo. “The new ThinkCentre A63 desktop delivers on the three ‘P’s’ that businesses need in today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious environment: power, peace of mind and price.”

Read More The feature-packed ThinkCentre A63 desktop helps SMBs stay connected, productive and secure without requiring major investments in IT or technical know-how.:-

  • Advanced Performance – The A63 comes equipped with choices of AMD’s latest 45nm processors to make multitasking easy across multiple applications while also using energy efficiently. Direct X10 integrated graphics support high-end 3-D applications needed for businesses in vertical industries such as engineering, graphic design and film production.
  • Increased Productivity – Ideal for financial market analysts and entry engineers, the A63 supports dual independent displays for an expanded work area. It also supports up to a 500GB hard disk drive and up to 1333 MHz DDR3 memory. Eight USB ports make the desktop a flexible hub to access and store documents and multimedia files.
  • Communication Tools – An optional high-resolution webcam and preloaded Skype application make the desktop an ideal voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) center. VoIP conferences can help save time and travel expenses by allowing users, especially small businesses, to participate in business meetings without leaving the office.
  • Enhanced Security Tools – Using the Lenovo Hard Disk Drive Retention tool as part of Lenovo warranty services, users can now keep their hard drives after retiring their PCs to ensure sensitive business data remains with them. Users with a home office or those without a business server can purchase Lenovo’s Online Backup service for secure, encrypted and offsite storage for their data.
  • Green, Easy to Use Technology – The ThinkCentre A63 is GREENGUARD certified, meaning it has been tested for up to 2,000 different chemical emissions. The A63 also features a simple design with an easy to reach power button on the top and a top handle for easy transport.

Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7
Lenovo has optimized the ThinkCentre A63 desktop for an excellent computing experience, particularly around saving users time during boot up and shut down. On average, Lenovo Think PCs with Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 boast 57 percent faster boot times and five second shutdown times compared to other Think PCs running Windows XP or Vista.



Netgear has long been a staple name when it comes to networking solutions, and this time round they are no different with the announcement of their Netgear Push2TV device which might be small in stature and size but big on performance. What does the Push2TV do? Well, it basically allows you to display your notebook or laptop display onto a big screen HDTV. Now, before you pooh-pooh this effort as it can be easily done with just a single HDMI out or VGA cable, the Push2TV does so sans wires. Yup, that’s right – you no longer need to fear tripping over wires and the like with this, and with the Push2TV being a wee bit larger than a deck of cards, the missus shouldn’t complain about your gear taking up more space in the living room. Read More
This basically turns your notebook into a media center, if you will, letting you playback your favorite movies or videos on the big screen TV. Great for those full HD downloads onto your machine, and if you want a larger monitor to work with, this pretty much gets you off on the right footing. Setting up such a configuration is a snap, as all you need to do is point and click. Using the easy and intuitive interface, it makes for a protected connection that does away with all the networking complexity that one would encounter in a currently available solution. Being so easy to set up, even your grandad is able to do it without summoning the help of a resident family geek!

The entire Push2TV solution comprises of the Push2TV device connected to the TV alongside an Intel Wireless Display preloaded on new-generation notebooks. The latter is able to capture fully rendered display frames in real-time, sending compressed video and audio straight to Push2TV through Intel’s My WiFi technology, which in turn creates a protected short-hop high-bandwidth wireless connection between the laptop and Push2TV. Each purchase of the Netgear Push2TV solution comes with a one-year warranty and will hit the US market later this month. You can pick it up as a standalone device or a bundle, where prices start from $99.99 for the former and $899.99 for the latter.

MSI U135 NetbookMSI and Novell have come together to announce an upcoming netbook – the MSI U135 that will feature SUSE Moblin preloaded on it. This news comes shortly after the recent roll out of Moblin version 2.1, and it also marks the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that will retail a fully-supported Intel Atom processor-based netbook that has Moblin-based technology running to keep well informed consumers happy with yet another alternative to the Windos platform. The Moblin-powered MSI U135 was specially designed for both the consumer and the enterprise, where you will be able to experience a rich Internet journey with integrated e-mail, multimedia and Web browsing capabilities while you’re on the road. Read More
Thanks to the latest innovations from all the sweat and blood of the open source community, alongside technological innovations by Novell and Intel, the MSI U135 netbook is capable of offering virtually an all-day computing experience, bosating superior battery life and low power consumption integrated within. According to am Peddibhotla, Open Source Business Director, Intel Software and Services Group, “The Moblin project has the potential to become an accessible and widely used computing platform. We have worked closely with Novell in refining the current Moblin version 2.1 for the netbook. We are pleased to see companies like MSI and Novell embracing the technology, contributing to its development and bringing it fully-supported to customers.”

Its a begining of new decade therefore express your geek credentials at the office and at home? That can be easily achieved with this $16 USB Esc Keypress Light from Brando. Designed to represent a really huge Esc key, it lights up whenever you press it down, and pressing it down again will turn it off.