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Wireless charging technology is one way of getting your device juiced without having to hunt around for a charging cord. Apple is one of the technology companies that have phones that use wireless charging technology.


IPAN IPAN, a leading French company specializing in wireless charging solutions together with SM France, a world leader in manufacturing outdoor table tops, developed a new generation of tables enabling mobile phone charging. Rather than moving with a tiny wireless charging pad to be used during home or during office, how about a whole table? This is the new approach that gives consumers the ability to recharge a phone by placing it on the table with innovative inductive charging.
IPAN IPAN believes this technology to be as significant as Wi-Fi in public areas and charging a smart phone on a terrace table will be so natural. Wireless charging table has an embedded sticker on top where a phone user can place the phone to charge.


The Features of this table are

  • A fully smooth table top,
  • Solid and impermeable,
  • Durable materials and colors,
  • High resistance to the sun, moisture and intense climate variations,
  • Easy up-keep with hygienic materials


SM France tables are also equipped with 2 USB ports for phones incompatible with wireless charging. The wireless charging table is also powered by a fully-waterproof integrated battery and benefits from a capacity of 15A/h, offering approximately 8 days autonomy. Secured against robbery, the rechargeable battery is easily extracted thanks to a dedicated key supplied with the table. With the introduction of these wireless charging tables, the appearance of terraces and business areas will be unprecedented. So next time you move around, look out for that embedded sticker on top of the table and juice up your device with a wireless charging table.