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Philips' new mouse is a 360 degress touch control wireless bluetooth mouse with hidden wind-up USB cable for recharging from your notebook. It provides all day confort whether you are left or righ handed. See the its features below:-

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360 TouchControl™ for total navigation
You don't need a mouse pad for this mouse. Philips 360°TouchControl™ lets you scroll through lengthy documents without installing extra software. Designed for easy navigation of spreadsheets, web pages, photos and maps when the notebook is connected to a monitor, so you can still navigate comfortably while relaxing on the sofa and be in full control of the notebook—unlike a notebook touch-pad. Instead of the traditional scroll wheel, its touch sensor gives you the freedom to move in all directions. With your finger on the sensor you can move the cursor smoothly and quickly through 360 degrees.

Works even without a surface
With the 360 TouchControl, the mouse can work even when there is no surface

Low battery indicator keeps you informed of power level
The low battery indicator lights up when the power is low.

The charging cable is stored inside the mouse.
The charging cable is stored inside the mouse. When the mouse is out of battery, just take out the charging cable, and plug in your notebook. You can then continue to use the mouse while charging.