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Cicret BraceletWith the cicret bracelet, you can do what you used to do on your phone or tablet but directly on your skin without any smart phone. The cicret bracelet is a waterproof sleek bracelet with endless smart phone possibilities and capabilities.
It can allow you to perform all operations without the need for you to touch your smart mobile device, from making calls, to checking emails, to sending text messages, watching videos from your phone, making calls, playing games, to mention but a few.

How does the Cicret bracelet work?
The cicret bracelet has a pico projector which projects the phone’s interface onto your skin, the bracelet also has eight long range proximity sensors which are blocked every time you place a finger on your skin while touching an icon or performing an operation just like on a smart mobile device’s touch screen.

The sensors send the information back to the processor which is in the bracelet. And that is where all operations and commands are interpreted from.

The cicret bracelet has a range of components which include; Accelerometer, memory card slot and ROM ranging between 16GB and 32GB, Processor, Vibrator, Micro USB port for charging the bracelet, battery, 8 long range proximity sensors, PICO-Projector, Bluetooth low energy, WIFI component, LED (Light Emitting Diodes), and snap button for locking the bracelet onto your wrist.
The cicret bracelet is available on the market in a range of ten colors

For more details about the cicret bracelet, log onto www.cicret.com