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XextremeKey USB driveLaCie has solved your problem of data loss due to flash disk damage. The XtremKey Flash Disk is made to survive any hash condition.
LaCie announced their LaCie XtremKey, which is a USB flash drive housed in the sturdiest shell of the era that will survive all sorts of tortures including water, drop, extreme temperatures, pressure and many others.

The flash disk is able to resist water, pressure, and it’ll be working well at 333 feet deep under the water. And some more it’s able to survive extreme temperatures as low as -58 degree Fahrenheit (-50 degree Celsius) and as high as 392 degree Fahrenheit (200 degree Celsius). Read More

The LaCie XtremKey is also claimed to be strong enough to withstand pressure from 10-ton truck rolls over it, thanks to the Zamac material that makes up its shell – the kind of metal alloy composed of Zinc, Aluminum, magnesium and copper.

Starting August 2010, XtremeKey will be available in capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB, with the 8GB priced at $50.

Get your dollars ready!

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