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ilumi solutions, a market leader in app-controlled and custom smart LED lightbulbs, launches its second generation Smartbulb series on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $29.

ilumi’s new energy efficient and user friendly A19 and BR30 Smartbulbs both feature improved Bluetooth® Smart mesh wireless connectivity, which provides a first of its kind long-range wireless connection that combines speed, reliability and simplicity. With ilumi’s Bluetooth Smart mesh, users can connect more than 50 ilumi Smartbulbs wirelessly with a potential range of more than 150 feet, enough to cover large homes or commercial installations. This allows the ilumi Smartbulbs to provide a commercial grade lighting control and automation system that can be setup in seconds without a hub.

The A19 and BR30 boast an updated beautiful industrial design that marries elegance and class.

  • The A19 features a natural dome structure for a wider dispersion angle to fit everyday standard lamps, pendants, fans or general lighting fixtures. It is also packed with more than 800 lumens (equivalent to 60W incandescent) at a category best efficiency of 10 watts of power.

  • The BR30 similarly adds a larger diffusion area for seamless use in overhead, recessed and track lighting and delivers more than 1100 lumens (equivalent to 85W incandescent) at an efficient 15 watts of power. Additionally, the A19 and BR30 include ilumi’s patented HyperLux® LED technology that delivers high brightness in variations of white and vibrant saturated colors.

The Smartbulbs also feature an upgraded companion app design that provides users with a guided and simple personalized setup featuring new and exciting experiences, such as:

  • Suggestive Lighting – automatically provides the right lighting for every room in a home and any occasion
  • Wellness Lighting – tunes the body’s natural rhythm by replicating the sun’s daily color cycle
  • Presence Detection – integrated proximity control automatically turns lights on and off when a user’s phone is detected without hitting a switch
  • Nightlight Shake – ideal for when users need to get out of bed but the lights are off, users can shake their smartphone to activate a dim nightlight
  • Rise & Shine – wakes users up with a simulated sunrise, creating a peaceful environment to ensure an energizing start to the day
  • Vacation - prompts lights to automatically turn on and off at night randomly while users are away, providing peace of mind that their home is safe
  • Routine Lighting – schedules the exact lighting users prefer based on their own personal schedule
  • Music’s New Best Friend – sync the Smartbulb’s colors with the beat of music to pump up dance parties
  • Integrations – Use your ilumi Smartbulbs with IFTTT, your Nest products, and much more to enjoy an even better connected experience

According to CEO and cofounder Corey Egan “With ilumi, consumers unlock the power of lighting in ways they have never thought of. Our enhanced features provide a transformational experience, allowing users to be a Michaelangelo of their own home.”

The A19 and BR30 are available now on Kickstarter for an introductory price of $29 and $35 respectively and will retail for $59.99 and $69.99 when fully available. The company is already far along in development, and Kickstarter orders will begin shipping by September 2015.