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Vodafone has come up with a keyboard with a SIM card slot to enable you browse on your TV set. The webbox keyboard plugs into your TV via RCA connectors.
Plug the whole keyboard, switch on your TV and you will be able to browse worldwide Web in an Opera Mini 5.1 browser. You'll also be able to send SMS and email messages, and there'll be some media services packed in too, including an FM radio, a photo gallery tool and some form of music player. There are some games thrown in as well for good measure.

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According to Vodafone hopes this device will give people in developing countries an opportunity to get online in places where Web connections are limited.

Webbox browser runs over GPRS and Edge connections and its expected to be available in South Africa from next week, and in other markets at some point in 2011.
Bless yourselfs Africa, internet access is became more easier and affordable.