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Driving and phone answering has been made easy with superTooth Voice gadget that immediately you receive a call, it pronounce the caller's name or number and you just say "OK" to pickup the call.
The gadget uses text to speech technology
"Text-to-speech refers to the conversion of written words to a voice output by means of speech synthesis, an artificial way of allowing access to verbal communication in an alternative form. Text-to-speech technology refers to software and hardware that provides speech output from text input. Read More This technology can create words from stored phonemes—individual speech elements—and may also store whole words and phrases for better results. Text-to-speech technology has a wide range of applications".
According to the manufacturer SuperTooth this gagdet doesnot require any installations.

Specs of SuperTooth Voice:-

  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 15hours of talk time, 800 hours stand-by time.
  • Full duplex


  • Available in 6 languages ( British, English, American, French, Italian, Spanish, German)


  • Digital volume control


  • Last call redial
  • Can be charged from PC via USB cables.

Watchout for the SuperTooth HD in April for around $129 with a USB cable and a car charger included. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, including iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphones with an Android OS or Windows Mobile operating system.