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Netgear has long been a staple name when it comes to networking solutions, and this time round they are no different with the announcement of their Netgear Push2TV device which might be small in stature and size but big on performance. What does the Push2TV do? Well, it basically allows you to display your notebook or laptop display onto a big screen HDTV. Now, before you pooh-pooh this effort as it can be easily done with just a single HDMI out or VGA cable, the Push2TV does so sans wires. Yup, that’s right – you no longer need to fear tripping over wires and the like with this, and with the Push2TV being a wee bit larger than a deck of cards, the missus shouldn’t complain about your gear taking up more space in the living room. Read More
This basically turns your notebook into a media center, if you will, letting you playback your favorite movies or videos on the big screen TV. Great for those full HD downloads onto your machine, and if you want a larger monitor to work with, this pretty much gets you off on the right footing. Setting up such a configuration is a snap, as all you need to do is point and click. Using the easy and intuitive interface, it makes for a protected connection that does away with all the networking complexity that one would encounter in a currently available solution. Being so easy to set up, even your grandad is able to do it without summoning the help of a resident family geek!

The entire Push2TV solution comprises of the Push2TV device connected to the TV alongside an Intel Wireless Display preloaded on new-generation notebooks. The latter is able to capture fully rendered display frames in real-time, sending compressed video and audio straight to Push2TV through Intel’s My WiFi technology, which in turn creates a protected short-hop high-bandwidth wireless connection between the laptop and Push2TV. Each purchase of the Netgear Push2TV solution comes with a one-year warranty and will hit the US market later this month. You can pick it up as a standalone device or a bundle, where prices start from $99.99 for the former and $899.99 for the latter.