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Logitech has announced a line of new web cams - some of which, have the capability of pushing 720p high definition video. Clearly, the days of under lit, blocky and washed out web cam videos are a thing of the past.

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Among the seven cameras announced, some an upgrade to the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. Now called the Webcam Pro 9000, the updated camera has a 2 MP sensor and Zeiss optics which gives users a nice high definition option while engaging in video chat which is far easier thanks to the built in microphone. And with software built in, still pictures can be enhanced up to 8MP with auto white balance adjustment for low light or even ambient bright light conditions. There’s also video effects for fun add-ons to make those web chats much more entertaining.

Other cameras include the WebCam C600, which has a similar 2MP sensor and 720p capability, but with a budget generic “glass” lens to make it easier on the pocketbook.

In the lower end, come standard VGA definition C250 and C200 cameras. All come with standard laptop clip for easy affixing, or desktop stands for more a basic setup. Prices start at $99 for the Webcam Pro and move down to $30 for the VGA quality webcams.

Available in the US and Europe starting next month.