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Bluetooth speakers are getting more and more commonplace these days, thanks to the proliferation of devices that already come with Bluetooth connectivity built in. The £199.99 Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker might take some aback with its price point, but do not fret – you can be sure every single quid you drop for it will be well worth the investment.

With the Block Rocker Bluetooth Speaker, you are able to pair it to just about any other Bluetooth audio device, ranging from smartphones to tablets and notebooks, letting you share your favorite tunes with the rest of the world – or perhaps making a statement in a public place, whether the rest of the folks share your musical tastes or not.

Definitely the ideal device to introduce a little bit of audio wallop to indoor and outdoor soirees. Apart from that, it can also function as a combined amp, PA system and karaoke kit – and just in case you have run out of MP3s to share with the rest of the world, there is always the back up plan of an integrated AM/FM radio.

Read More Your Bluetooth-enabled device can reside safely at the top of the Block Rocker for safekeeping, and with a battery life that is rated at 12 hours, you know that this is good enough to sit through the entire night’s partying.