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For those who love fancy life style and enjoy the showbiz world then technology has just provided you one. A 4GB memory golden bar USB measuring only 55 x 23 x 12mm and weighing just 45g, the gold bar USB drive is an eye-candy made in metal with all high-speed USB 2.0 facets.

The Gold Bar USB Drive has all of 4GB of memory.  To hold to that gold bar look, they made it so that the USB drive actually retracts within the gold bar.  That also means this is one of the good drives that makes it so that you never have to worry about losing the cap to the USB drive.  It’s not made of real gold, which I would think is fairly obvious.  Instead it’s built with metal housing surrounding it to keep your data safe and at hand.  You can purchase it for $27 through USB Geek.
So you have the money? Just order one…

Source: GizmoWatch and Coolest Gadgets