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Lenovo announced it's new ThinkCentre A63 desktop, an essential desk side companion for small-to-medium businesses (SMB). The new desktop combines powerful productivity features such as Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 for blazing fast boot-up time and choices for the latest AMD Sempron™ processors, AMD Athlon™ II processors and AMD Phenom™ II processors, all at an affordable price tag starting at $329.

“We know that PCs are the technology backbone for SMBs to run their businesses,” said Dilip Bhatia, executive director, ThinkCentre Marketing, Lenovo. “The new ThinkCentre A63 desktop delivers on the three ‘P’s’ that businesses need in today’s fast-paced, cost-conscious environment: power, peace of mind and price.”

Read More The feature-packed ThinkCentre A63 desktop helps SMBs stay connected, productive and secure without requiring major investments in IT or technical know-how.:-

  • Advanced Performance – The A63 comes equipped with choices of AMD’s latest 45nm processors to make multitasking easy across multiple applications while also using energy efficiently. Direct X10 integrated graphics support high-end 3-D applications needed for businesses in vertical industries such as engineering, graphic design and film production.
  • Increased Productivity – Ideal for financial market analysts and entry engineers, the A63 supports dual independent displays for an expanded work area. It also supports up to a 500GB hard disk drive and up to 1333 MHz DDR3 memory. Eight USB ports make the desktop a flexible hub to access and store documents and multimedia files.
  • Communication Tools – An optional high-resolution webcam and preloaded Skype application make the desktop an ideal voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) center. VoIP conferences can help save time and travel expenses by allowing users, especially small businesses, to participate in business meetings without leaving the office.
  • Enhanced Security Tools – Using the Lenovo Hard Disk Drive Retention tool as part of Lenovo warranty services, users can now keep their hard drives after retiring their PCs to ensure sensitive business data remains with them. Users with a home office or those without a business server can purchase Lenovo’s Online Backup service for secure, encrypted and offsite storage for their data.
  • Green, Easy to Use Technology – The ThinkCentre A63 is GREENGUARD certified, meaning it has been tested for up to 2,000 different chemical emissions. The A63 also features a simple design with an easy to reach power button on the top and a top handle for easy transport.

Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience for Windows 7
Lenovo has optimized the ThinkCentre A63 desktop for an excellent computing experience, particularly around saving users time during boot up and shut down. On average, Lenovo Think PCs with Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 boast 57 percent faster boot times and five second shutdown times compared to other Think PCs running Windows XP or Vista.