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For those of you that can’t just sit back and enjoy the music on your iPod, there is this DJ Mixer.  Of course you’ll also have to know someone that has a second iPod in order for this to work, but I doubt that’ll be too much of an issue.  It’ll also work with random MP3 players, so if you have a spare MP3 player you could always use an iPod and an MP3 player.  Although for those of you with music on your iPhone, it doesn’t say specifically that it’s compatible with the iPhone.



Read More If you’re purchasing this for an iPod though, you could always give an iPhone a whirl and see how it works with the device.  It is officially compatible with the iPod Touch, iPod Nano 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations, the iPod Classic 4th and 5th generations as well as the iPod Mini.  It will actually charge up those iPods while it’s hooked up to the mixer, but it won’t charge your average MP3 player for obvious reasons.  It includes an AC adapter and a set of headphones that fold up.  You can purchase the DJ Mixer for $120.

Source: Coolest Gadgets