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Last year at CES, a company called Jide created a blatant Microsoft Surface clone. This year they've come back with something new — and they've also returned much richer. Between CES 2015 and today, Jide created a Kickstarter campaign for the Remix Mini, a $70 device that can run Android on any screen with an HDMI input. It took in $1.6 million.


microsoft hq

It's official: three months after Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 had made it onto 110 million devices, the company announced today that that number has now grown to over 200 million active devices, including 22 million in the enterprise and education sector, and Xbox Ones running its latest Windows 10-based update.

As part of that announcement, the company revealed other significant insights into its progress with Windows 10's rollout.

power bi win10mobile 1


Power BI, the business and enterprise data analytics tool, now has a dedicated Windows 10 Mobile app released by Microsoft. Described as, "built from the ground up to be optimized for touch and mobile productivity," the new app follows earlier releases for iOS and Android.

'Pin to Start' for Dashboards is one of the key new features that integrates the app with Windows 10 Mobile. Working much like a bookmark, a pinned tile on the home screen will open Power BI directly into a specific dashboard.

Data in the Power BI app will be kept up-to-date automatically refreshing at scheduled intervals set by the user. Power BI for Windows 10 Mobile is optimized for devices with at least 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.


Source: Neowin

scr reactos

The dream of an open source replacement for Windows is still alive after 17 years of development. ReactOS, an operating built from scratch to be binary-compatible with Windows programs and drivers, is nearing its 0.4 release — you can download the release candidate right now.

There are plenty of free, open source operating systems on the market, including hundreds of Linux distributions. ReactOS has always been unique because of its goal –full compatibility with Windows software. In theory this could be revolutionary, but in practice rebuilding Windows from scratch isn’t simple.

For evidence of this you need only look at the list of programs tested on ReactOS 0.4. It notes the Windows versions of many open-source stalwarts, including Firefox and Libre Office, are already up and running. So are a few prominent Windows-only programs, ike WinRAR.

yahoo video guide

Yahoo wants to make it dead simple to find and launch videos across services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. Yahoo Video Guide searches the streaming options you subscribe to, as well as cable TV networks like HBO and AMC. The new app released today on Android and iOS, serving U.S. customers searching across 30 streaming and TV options.