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whatsapp facebook data sharing and encryption

Ever since Facebook purchased WhatsApp back in 2014, the two have been largely kept separate. That may change soon though, as some evidence has recently cropped up pointing to more integration between them.

An Android developer by the name of Javier Santos revealed new options within the WhatsApp beta app that allows users to share account information with Facebook. According to screenshots, the intent is to use this info to improve Facebook experiences.

dropbox windows 10

Dropbox is the latest big name to launch a new app designed for Windows 10. The cloud storage provider is no stranger to Microsoft's ecosystem, having previously launched a Universal app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 - but this latest version has been built on Microsoft's new Universal Windows Platform, and is designed specifically for Windows 10.

android weather

Google wants to get a whole lot better about delivering your weather report.

On its Inside Search blog, Google announced a new detail-rich display that pops up when you ask the Google app about the weather. There’s now a colorful screen loaded with weather details, including drill-downs into Today and Tomorrow, hourly forecasts, a 10-day outlook, sunrise/sunset information, and even air quality data. And it's all complemented by a happy little illustrated frog.


In a new update to its Android app, Facebook has made it possible for users to connect its social network using a Tor connection provided by the Tor Project's 'Orbot: Proxy with Tor' app. The experimental feature comes less than two years after Facebook introduced it's Tor onion address, which allows users to connect to the service more securely.

The new functionality in the Facebook for Android app was made possible by a project undertaken by a summer intern at Facebook. After leaving Facebook, the work was continued by Facebook's 'Protect and Care' team in London. Facebook will be pushing the update out to users soon and want feedback on the new feature.

facebook app

Facebook has been reportedly testing a new in-app browser that means users don’t have to leave the app while looking at web pages.
Apart from the look, tech news site The Next Web (TNW) reported several new features the in-app browser offers.

While the current browser only allows you to see a single web page and follow links to other sites, the new one allows you to input other URLs into the search bar.This is helpful for people who want to look up a fact or word, or even follow a train of thought without having to switch to a different app.