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After the team behind Popcorn Time had to shut down their service following a number of legal concerns, many wondered if the Netflix of torrents would ever return. And, it soon did, with a number of different teams now taking the helm, with multiple clients and even a version that worked entirely inside the browser. This, it seems, served as the foundation for a new service called Torrents Time, which allows you to stream content off any torrent site.

With Torrents Time, users no longer need to install a separate torrenting client or even download the actual content; everything is streamed within the browser, à la Netflix. The plugin will then start searching for peers and begin playback when a substantial enough chunk of the file has been downloaded. There's even a helpful tip about using a VPN to save you some legal trouble.

google hangouts

With the new Google CEO in place, Larry Page is leaving the big decisions to Sundar Pichai. This year, Sundar Pichai rolled out a big update on one of Google’s products, the Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a Skype alternative. It has chat features, video conferencing and basic call features. It also have other meeting options that people can navigate through. Google Hangouts also has the capability to add third party apps.

Over the past years, Google Hangouts has competed with Skype and other video conferencing tools. Nonetheless, it has come up as one of the top tools online. It has been used by many in doing online interviews.

windows10 story

Microsoft has revealed various statistics about Windows Store and its adoption across different versions of Windows on the official 'Building Apps' blog.

Aside from the biggest revelation that the store has since clocked over 3 billion visits since the release of Windows 10, we learn things such as Windows 8 still taking the lion's share of Windows Store downloads.

WhatsApp Web

One of the main issues faced by people who love Microsoft’s Edge or Internet Explorer was that WhatsApp did not support the browsers, up to this date. There was a trick to make it possible back then, but now users can use this feature on Microsoft’s browsers without any further work – because WhatsApp is now officially supporting them.

microsoft edge tab preview

Microsoft today shared some exciting news about its Edge browser which will be coming in 2016. Microsoft Edge will be getting support some much-awaited APIs, including Beacon API, and Web Notifications.

The software giant is planning to release Extensions support for Edge to Windows Insiders “soon”. The company announced that Edge extensions will be available via the Windows Store, which will allow developers to submit and update their extensions for Edge very easily. Additionally, Microsoft’s main focus will be on improving Edge’s accessibility.