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BlackBerry today (14th/May/2013) unveiled the affordable version BlackBerry Q5 during the BlackBerry Live 2013 event held at Orlando.
BlackBerry Q5 is a colourful and cut-price, keyboard-based smartphone, with 10.1 IOS software inside a Bentley convertible and the wider launch of BlackBerry Messenger.

According to BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, mentioned that the device will target “emerging markets,” hinting that it will be a low-cost phone which will be stripped off high-end features like NFC.

He Called the Q5, the keyboard-based smartphone would be a stripped-down smartphone that would come in four bright colours and go on sale from July.
The Q5 range will be offered in multiple colours like black, white, red, and pink. 

In comparison, the Q5 retains much of the physical features of the Q10 with a full physical keyboard and 3.1-inch touchscreen display.

Mr Heins also announced the company's popular BlackBerry Messaging system, BBM, that boasts 60 million monthly users worldwide would be launched for use on Apple and Google Android smartphones mid-year.