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Upgrade your Wordpress website quickly to Wordpress 5.2 (W5.2) On 7th wordpress May introduced Wordpress 5.2 version that will definitely make your website easy to troubleshoot and bring back to life with no special skills.

Version 5.2 of WordPress, named “Jaco” is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in this update make it easier than ever to fix your site if something goes wrong. More so the robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors are included to help you manage your website independently.

New Features in Wordpress 5.2

Site Health Check
Building on the Site Health features introduced in 5.1, this release adds two new pages to help debug common configuration issues. It also adds space where developers can include debugging information for site maintainers. Check your site status, and learn how to debug issues.

PHP Error Protection
This administrator-focused update will let you safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time. It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death,” and a way to enter recovery mode, which pauses error-causing plugins or themes.

New Dashboard Icons
Thirteen new icons include Instagram, a suite of icons for BuddyPress, and rotated Earth icons for global inclusion. Find them in the Dashboard and have some fun!

For developers

PHP Version Bump
The minimum supported PHP version is now 5.6.20. As of WordPress 5.2, themes and plugins can safely take advantage of namespaces, anonymous functions, and more!

Privacy Updates
A new theme page template, a conditional function, and two CSS classes make designing and customizing the Privacy Policy page easier.

Building JavaScript
With the addition of webpack and Babel configurations in the @wordpress/scripts package, developers won’t have to worry about setting up complex build tools to write modern JavaScript.