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Coding now ceases to be for the hard core programmers only (Well, that goes for the coding language Javascript). A new Grasshopper mobile application (that is for free, if I may add) from google, makes coding feel fun and approachable. Coding could be a hobby for you too.

All you have to do after downloading this app to your device is login using your google account. You are started off with basic coding definitions then exercises. Each day you work with bite-sized puzzles and quizzes but of course, the further along you get, the more complicated the puzzles become. You can set a practice schedule and get reminders at your own set time so that you don’t regress from the previously learned skills.

There is a wide shortage of skilled developers and so many programs came up to close this gap in the recent years. Grasshopper is here to encourage more professionals and even you, to pick up coding skills that their organizations may need through a user friendly interface, or set them up for a different career path.
The team of coders from Google’s workshop (Area 120) said,
“Coding is becoming such an essential skill, and we want to make it possible for everyone to learn even when life gets busy. We made Grasshopper to help folks like you get into coding in a fun and easy way. We put Grasshopper on a phone so you can turn your commute or waiting in line into a learning moment”.
The Area 120 team continued to say that at the end of using the Grasshopper’s current curriculum, you should be familiar with core programming concepts and feel confident playing around within this playground to build interactive animations.

Fact: Grasshopper is a tribute to Grace Brewster Murray Hopper an early programming pioneer (1906 – 1992)
A brief analogy about Grace Hopper; She was an American computer scientist, a pioneer of computer programming who invented one of the first complier tools and also was a United States Navy rear admiral.
So if you are reading this and you are thinking this a guy thing, it is not. Ladies, you too can be part of bridging up the gap of skilled software developers.

Overall, the app is really simple to use and is a fun way to learn the basics of coding. Now, wouldn’t you say this is a nice way to hop into coding? Try the grasshopper app and become a developer in no time J.

Grasshopper is free to download from both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.