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remix os

Last year at CES, a company called Jide created a blatant Microsoft Surface clone. This year they've come back with something new — and they've also returned much richer. Between CES 2015 and today, Jide created a Kickstarter campaign for the Remix Mini, a $70 device that can run Android on any screen with an HDMI input. It took in $1.6 million.

But this isn't plain Android on a plastic box; instead, it's Remix OS, a customized fork of the software that looks more like Windows or Chrome OS than it does Android. There's a start menu. You can swipe in from the right side for a notification tray a la Windows 10 and OS X. You can right click! Everything very much feels like a desktop atmosphere, and you can run apps in individual windows or fullscreen. Those are Android apps, remember, so everything from Instagram to Microsoft Word to Facebook to Modern Combat 5 works with Remix OS. If you're running them on the Remix Mini, eventually you might run into the limits of its low-end hardware.


Source: The Verge