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It's official: three months after Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 had made it onto 110 million devices, the company announced today that that number has now grown to over 200 million active devices, including 22 million in the enterprise and education sector, and Xbox Ones running its latest Windows 10-based update.

As part of that announcement, the company revealed other significant insights into its progress with Windows 10's rollout.

Microsoft said today that its "customers are loving Windows 10. Overall," it added, "we are seeing significantly higher customer satisfaction with Windows 10 than any other prior version of Windows."

Alongside 'customer satisfaction', another key metric through which it gauges its progress is 'user engagement', i.e. how much usage the OS is actually getting. On that front, Microsoft said that Windows 10 broke its own records last month: "Recently we reached another milestone - people have spent over 11 billion hours on Windows 10 in December alone, spending more time on Windows than ever before."

Microsoft said that "many people upgrade because they want the safest and fastest Windows", but noted that various new features in Windows 10 - including Cortana and its Edge browser - have also been factors in driving adoption of the OS.

The company also touted its successes on the Xbox front today, celebrating "new records for global engagement on Xbox Live" over the holiday season.


Source: Neowin