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Samsung unveiled the new messaging app known as Socializer Messenger App

Samsung unveiled the new messaging app known as Socializer Messenger App that is taking mobile communications to the next level through its enhanced features and content.
With mobile devices such a central part of people’s lives these days, messaging applications have become hugely important for communications and staying in touch. Instant messaging programs can be used to share pictures and videos, and the option to add stickers and emoticons has really enriched communication when chatting.

The App comes with lots of amazing features such as shown below:-

Built on an Innovative Platform
Social Web App Platform (SWAP) was designed by developers at the Software R&D Center of Samsung Electronics. Socializer Messenger App is based on the open source project “Telegram for Android”, which allows web apps to be shared in a chatroom without additional downloads or installation, and runs on the Social Web App Platform (SWAP), a platform for developing, distributing and sharing social mobile web apps.

Diverse Web Apps and Easy Searching
With an intuitive search bar, it is easy to search for new and different apps for you and your friends to use. You can also sort the apps by recently used, most popular, and newest, to make searching even more convenient.

No Additional Setup
Say goodbye to troublesome and complicated app installations. Apps designed for Socializer Messenger, built on the SWAP, just work. You can start them up from the chatroom, without any additional installing.

A Unified App for Chatting and Games
With Socializer Messenger App, you no longer have to stop a game when someone wants to talk to you. Instead, just tap the Minimize/Maximize button to switch over to your chat, then tap again to switch back to your game. You can even move the Minimize/Maximize button around the screen to wherever you feel most comfortable.