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Possibly in preparation for the upcoming release of Android Pay, Google has released a brand new Google Wallet app into the wild on Google Play. The new Google Wallet features a new icon and a much sleeker design that cuts down on the clutter of the previous version.

google wallet

When you first open the new app, you'll notice that the main color theme is green, rather than the blue in the older app. The landing screen gives you the familiar options to send our request money, with an activity feed laid out below. If you open up the hamburger menu, you'll be able to tap over to view your Wallet card and balance info, along with options to lock or cancel your card and add money.

Keep in mind that this is a new, separate app on Google Play, so it'll require a fresh download and can live side-by-side with the old Wallet app on your Android phone. If you'd like to check out the new Google Wallet in full, you can find it as Google Wallet (New) on Google Play now.
From www.androidcentral.com