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Google Apps for EducationGoogle Apps for Education is a cloud based set of applications that enables teachers and students to communicate, collaborate, and create. Google Apps for Education has seen explosive growth since their introduction in 2010. A study was carriedout to better understand the growth in number of users for this amazing tool set.

Google Apps for Education has grown from 8 million users in 2010 to over 40 million users as of February 2015. The user base includes students, faculty, and staff using Google Apps for Education, a free service for schools. This is an astounding 41% growth rate, which has actually started accelerating in the past year. Maintaining this rapid adoption of Google Apps for Education would result in 110 million users by 2020.

We believe this is definitely achievable. The five main factors that make us confident in the future growth of Google Apps for Education are as follows:

  •     Market size
  •     Power and quality of Google Apps for Education
  •     Importance of Google Classroom
  •     Adoption of Google Chromebooks
  •     Price

The potential global market for students is a big one. There are over 865 million students in just the 9 most populated countries. When you include faculty and staff, especially for larger institutions, namely colleges and universities, this number could be over 1 billion worldwide.

Google Apps for Education is a complete suite of communication and collaboration cloud applications. Included in the suite are Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Groups, Google+, and Hangouts. Google Drive includes "The Docs Editors": Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Drawings. This a power suite of applications that are heavily integrated with one another for rapid communication and collaboration in the cloud.