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Facebook’s Moments App help users share photos without posting them online.
Facebook the world's largest social network rolled out Moments, a free photo-sharing app that lets users create shared photo albums with friends from their smartphones. The photos are then stored in the cloud for free. The app gives your friend an opportunity to add their other photos on the album that you have shared.

With your Facebook account, the app finds friends for you to share with photos. It uses Facebook's facial recognition technology so it can identify which of your friends are in each photo. Facebook is interested in solving a problem people have, which is they don't have all the photos their friends take of them.


Facebook product manager Will Ruben says that despite the many ways you can share photos with friends and there are many, like email, text message, iPhone photo albums, or even Facebook none of them are as convenient as Moments or include a built-in social graph like you get with Facebook. Sharing photos back to Facebook or Instagram wasn't his main focus when building the app, but more sharing should be a byproduct.

The app is available for free on both iOS and Android

However some expertise have warned that when you share your photos with friends via Moments, the resolution is greatly, greatly reduced, so your friends won't be able to do much with the images for prints, books or the like.