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Lagos State government introduced an education software known as e-tutor in its schools, as part of its continuous efforts to improve the quality of education in the state.
The software, which was launched, in collaboration with an IT firm, Cognitive Solutions, would complement class teachers' efforts and enable students to learn at their own pace and have fun in the process.

Speaking at the flag-off ceremony, Permanent Secretary of the state Ministry of Education, Mrs. Omolara Erogbogbo said the move was part of the state government's efforts aimed at exploring additional positive ways of improving on the delivery of quality education to students in its schools.
She said the software, which comes in 15 subjects for secondary schools, was developed after some years of research, which revealed that there was a huge gap between examiners' expectation and students' performance, especially in Mathematics and the Sciences. Read More
According to her, the software has been installed in 28 of the 35 schools approved for the first phase, while the Teachers' Establishment and Pensions Office has trained 1,516 teachers on the use of the software.

“This pilot scheme was encouraged because the government observed that the children, while enamoured of ICT through the use of computers, very often, only play games or chat on-line with their friends. However, with e-tutor, more of our children can now use computers for more rewarding activities that impact directly on their education beyond games, movies, music and word processing.”

She added that the software would assist in integrating information technology into the mainstream of education, as students could study and evaluate themselves at their own pace, using either the practice centre or test centre available in the software, while the counseling centre would counsel them on preparation for examinations, common errors, as well as on subjects leading to career choices. “Additionally, the burden on teachers is eased since it can serve as resource and instructional materials centre to teachers and thus make their jobs easier.”

Another distinctive feature of the software, she said was that it had the added advantage of providing blind students the opportunity of comprehensive self study using materials prepared by the best teachers in the subject fields, thus giving them a fair playing ground.
Chief Executive Officer of the IT Firm, Mr. Kola Omotunde-Young said. “Every child is unique and learns best through a combination of various learning method, which may be different from that of his or her colleague and e-tutor recognises this uniqueness and offers the students variety of ways to learn and have fun doing so.”