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Internet Explorer 8Have you upgraded your internet explorer web browser? well microsoft did again for you by introducing Windows Internet Explorer 8, the new, enterprise-ready web browser.
IE 8 is built with your business in mind.
Adopting or upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 can help to drastically increase the manageability, security, and productivity for your web-based work and investments.


See why you need internet explorer 8.

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Industry leading security features and protection


Internet Explorer 8 offers industry-leading protection against malware and greatly improves the capabilities from previous versions. The new platform and feature enhancement help protect your users and your business from:


  • Cross site scripting attacks.
  • Malware downloads.
  • Phishing attacks.
  • ActiveX exploits.


Unparalleled manageability and support.


Internet Explorer 8 is the only browser you can deploy and manage across the facets of your business.


  • Streamline browser management through robust deployment and management tools including Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), Slipstream, SMS, and WSUS.
  • Centrally manage and configure nearly 1500 built-in group policies for the browser that fit the policies and needs of your corporate infrastructure.
  • Supported by Microsoft services, professional developers along with wide ISV application partnerships.


Improved productivity and reliability.


Internet Explorer 8 makes it faster and easier to deliver advanced web experiences through:


  • Interoperability with web standards and built-in developer tools that provide advanced code debugging and profiling to help save your developers time.
  • Backwards compatibility for websites and web applications designed for Internet Explorer 7.
  • New platform features that make it easier to build rich, intelligent web applications such as Accelerators, Web Slices, and Search Providers that focus on the specific needs of your business functions.

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