Microsoft buys corporate social network YAMMER for $1.2billion cash.

Microsoft today (25th/June/2012) confirmed the purchase of the San Francisco-based enterprise social networking company with office social network site Yammer for  a whopping  $1.2bn in cash.
This was a move to help Microsoft woo its businesses with Facebook like tools that help employees collaborate in the workplace.  Yammer has a network of 200,000 corporate clients and is used by firms including the motor giant Ford and the business services firm Deloitte.

Yammer will become part of Microsoft’s Office division and the team will continue to report to current Yammer Chief Executive Officer David Sacks, the companies said today in a statement.

Facebook acquires FACE.COM

facial recognisation
Facebook on Monday acquired FACE.COM the company that provides the facial-recognition technology used by the world's largest social network to help users identify and tag photos. This software lets computers recognize people's faces in digital images.
People who use Facebook enjoy sharing photos and memories with their friends, and's technology has helped to provide the best photo experience.

ICANN to releases New Web Domain Name Options like .google, .facebook, .apple

Proposals for Internet addresses ending in ".google," ''.amazon" and ".auto" are among the nearly 2,000 submitted as part of the largest expansion in the online address system.

Apple Inc., Sony Corp. and American Express Co. are among companies that are seeking names with their brands. Google Inc. and Inc. sought dozens of names, including ".app," and ".play." The wine company Gallo Vineyards Inc. wants ".barefoot."

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced the proposals for Internet suffixes, the ".com" part of an Internet address, in London on Wednesday. They now go through a review process that could take months or years.

Facebook adds new Features on “PAGES” Services i.e. admin roles and scheduled posts.

Facebook Admin Roles
Facebook added new features to its Pages service that should make life easier by allowing five different admin roles as well as scheduled posts.

The scheduled posts feature allows Pages administrators to click on a clock icon located on the bottom left of the post box and set a time for when the post should be published. Posts can be set for at least 10 minutes ahead and up to six months in advance with intervals of 15 minutes.

Likewise, a post can be set for a previous date, which publishes it immediately but in the correct location on the page's timeline.

A coder uses HTML5 to recreate COMMAND & CONQUER game.

A coder Aditya Ravi Shankar has recreated classic strategy game Command & Conquer entirely in HTML5, running on 69k of Javascript.

Aditya Ravi Shankar built the clone in an attempt to improve his coding skills. He set himself a month to rebuild the game in the browser, chopping through the original game's files to get sprites, sounds and specs exactly right.

"In hindsight, I might have wanted to take smaller steps and make a tower defense game instead of jumping directly into an RTS," says Shankar, in a post about the game's development on his blog. "Trying to do the whole thing in under a month all by myself wasn't the smartest idea."

Shankar's recreation of the game includes buildings, terrain, combat, tiberium harvesting and regrowth, and the ability to sell and repair buildings. It has fog of war, too, a pannable map, different cursors, tooltips, and drag selection for multiple units. For the time being, however, it's limited to just a few buildings and units, a very small map, and the occasional glitch -- a few of our tanks got stuck in the sea during testing.