As technology and computers advance more and more, it has become evident that most of the operations are now shifted to the cloud and thus relying in networks. Computers have also advanced and become more powerful, neural networks are gradually taking over from simpler machine learning to more advanced and sophisticated methods.

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence  (AI ) - Your ICT MagazineThey are already at the heart of new generations computers which have the capabilities of speech recognition and object recognition in images among others; they are beginning to outperform earlier systems of recognizing objects in images. Neural networks basically provide a platform the more sophisticated and complex computers and system which run high end jobs and take in multiple inputs or conditions and derive a conclusion based on rules, knowledge base, elimination method or learning patterns from the past conditions or inputs. Neural networks have been mainly used in systems commonly known or referred to as AI (Artificial Intelligence) Systems.

Not far back, Artificial Intelligence systems have been known to perform duties and operations based on interpolation and extrapolation mean with some of the common ones being manifested in chess computers, ping pong games on computers, traffic lights which operate based on image recognition to turn green or red, among others and lately incorporated into the mobile devices like Siri for the IPhone OS and AIVC (Artificial Intelligence Voice Command) for the android OS.

Its no longer the era of doom, technology provides the freedom, the fascists have the wealth, but we have the imagination and the tools to relieve ourselves from the slavery.

On January 13th 2015, a criminal trial began on the accused leader of the Silk Road, a black market in an area of the internet called the Deep Web, the deep web is vast, and often confused with dark sites, and thousands of times larger than the visible public internet, also called the surface web, which is accessible to the public through search engines.

The deep web is not a place, its simply accounts for all the unindexed content online or on secret servers holding Banking Data, Administrative code for Governments, Corporations and Universities, it’s like looking under the hood of the actual internet. Over time, the deep web has become inhabited by people of all types who wanted to use it for privacy some of whom include; Journalists, Whistleblowers, Dissidents, Hackers, Criminals, and privacy advocates , and this hidden area of the web is called the dark net and it’s accessible with a software service called TOR.

Introducting Bitcoin as a potential alternative of moneyThe article on Bitcoin reveals some surprising and little known facts about the money we use every day and introduces Bitcoin as a potential alternative. In a typical economy, it has been noted that money changes hands in every minute of the day, and it is exchanged through banks as virtual cash, physical cash when carrying out face to transactions, VISA, PayPal, mobile phone credit purchases and Virtual phone subscriber accounts like MTN Mobile Money, Mpesa, Pesa Pal, Airtel Money among others. All these have one common feature which is in most cases ignored or cannot merely avoided, and that aspect is that they are all monitored or taxed at all points which brings us to the aspect of privacy. In general, everyone loves their privacy to not be invaded at all.

The article is targeted at anyone who wants a crash course about this disruptive technology and has yet to find unbiased coverage that a layman can understand. I suspect that the article will be popular among young adults working in the technology, startup and finance sectors as well as anyone interested in Libertarian ideas. The solution to all the above mentioned is the invention of Bitcoin.

Preparing for a demo? Have you appeased the gods?Ladies and gentlemen I speak to you as a oracle of the gods. Forget about the football gods, those are just wimps, the ones you should be scared of are the demo gods.

When you are preparing for a demo you must appease them or their wrath will be swift for their hand is unwavering and their vengeance knows no equal. They will make you appear a fool in front of investors, your boss, fellow students, potential customers...need I go on?.

Am I being paranoid?
I don’t blame you for thinking that, I was like you once, full of vigour and careless abandon with no regard for the gods until fate or what Roland of Gilead would call ka, made me have encounter with the demo gods. It was a day like any other, the sun was out and birds sung of cares or joys I know not of and my product was working fine last evening and it would do the same this morning….or so I thought. To my embarrassment and delight of the demo gods it was a catastrophic demo which was only dampened with my smooth promises of a future product built with code from the very codebase that designed the heavens.

I have always been of the opinion that nothing should be invented just for the sake of its novelty value, except art.

In the case of technology I have always been of the assertion that you should be able to monetize whatever technology or platform you invent. It just makes business sense considering how much you can potentially spend on research and development. 

I work in the online space, and I love it. As cliché as this may sound, it’s true. I may not love it every single day, but I love it enough. That’s because the Internet has the potential to literally determine how competitive a country can be in the global arena, based on how well it embraces the possibilities that it presents.